Your experience will include:

  • 8-12 week paid internship
  • One conference at the Bloomington, IL office
  • Networking with employees, interns and management
  • Hands-on experience in agronomy, energy, or business operations

  • You could learn:

  • Crop scouting and real-time data collection using technology
  • Custom application of crop nutrient and protection products
  • Sales and delivery of liquid propane and energy products
  • Facility/equipment maintenance and repair
  • Inventory control, business operation processes, and customer service

Intern Stories

"Earning a GROWMARK Exploring Agriculture internship provided me the opportunity to explore areas of agriculture that are not found in the classroom. I was able to take on a project, which allowed me to learn through hands-on experiences and share the data I collected with employees throughout my cooperative. I am grateful that GROWMARK Internships put you in the position to experience actual business operations. I enjoyed working with and learning from knowledgeable experts within the FS GROWMARK System."
Isaac Brockman
2020 Exploring Agriculture Agronomy Intern
2021 Returning GROWMARK Intern
FS Grain

"My internship with GROWMARK FS was like no other. The networking opportunities I had throughout the summer, learning about fertilizers and how the company works was all both rewarding and beneficial! The projects that I was involved with ranged from forages to tomatoes, and anything in-between, helping me to grow my agronomic knowledge and helped me become a better steward for the industry. Having the opportunity to come back in the fall as a campus ambassador to help find interns for the upcoming summer was just the icing on the cake! "
Courtney Walter
GROWMARK Agronomy Intern
GROWMARK FS Mid-Atlantic

"The GROWMARK internship provides you with opportunities to take in and absorb as much as you desire too. For me, I learned so much more about the company as well as learning more about myself. Getting more involved with seed and sales not only taught me the functionality of it all, but it also taught me what working with growers in real-world scenarios is like. Conducting a grower survey for my project allowed me to grow my listening skills. It allowed me to find creative ways to listen, understand, and connect with growers on a different level. After working with GROWMARK as a seasonal laborer, crop scout, and an intern, I stepped into a full time position as a Crop Specialist at New Century FS.“
Derick Weiermann
GROWMARK Seed Sales Intern
New Century FS